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Through board condole top is how to install?


Shanghai Dortmund decoration material co., LTD production of plate are of good quality, installation is more simple and easy, today we are going to introduce through board condole top is how to install?
First of all, to understand the need to install before we install through plate location, the size of the area is large, fixed keel, keel size according to the reasonable arrangement, installed after the keel, can install tubes (tubes according to the customer's preferences and design colors to choose) lamp installed after the, now will cut good through plate (shoulds not be too general and plate size 500 mm * 500 mm is better, so installation is firm, does not become oh) on the keel (fixed) can punch first after the final will be coated with pervious to light glass glue flat-fell seam. This is done, it's very simple. If you are in the process of installation and other difficulties, you can inquire: 021-61532641.

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